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Coast to Coast: Goalies Scoring Goals!

Today I’d like to present you with the finest curation of goalies scoring goals in the great sport of lacrosse.

They say that lacrosse goalies scoring goals are unicorns in the wild. Well, here we have 20 beautiful unicorns for your viewing pleasure.

This collection is so fine it really belongs in the MOGSG – Museum of Goalies Scoring Goals, if you will. You won’t? Ok, that’s fine. Only question is whether debut in the NYC MOGSG, Atlanta MOGSG or the Boston MOGSG.

We’ve got coast to coast goals. We’ve got full field shots. But most importantly, we’ve got goalies scoring goals.

Notice the level of stick handling and dodging skills necessary to pull off these C2C’s. While you’re at it why not practice a few full field shots? You never know when they might be needed in a game and it could be your ticket to the MOGSG.

Without further ado, here we go.

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Lacrosse Goalies Scoring Goals

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Who’s a keep that can do this 🤭 🌍

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Who’s a keep that can do this 🤭 🌍

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If you like watching lacrosse goalies score goals then is the post for you.

It’s a curated collection of just goalies scoring goals! Hope you enjoyed it.

Know of another goalie scoring video that I’m clearly missing? Let me know about it in the comments down below.

Until next time! Coach Damon

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15 thoughts on “Coast to Coast: Goalies Scoring Goals!

        1. Illegal pocket depth.

          But I think they should make an exception and allow female goalies to score. The weight of the goalie stick more than negatively compensates for the extra pocket depth.

    Crease to crease, on the fly. Youth player Lewis Schrock playing for Drew Snider’s (Outlaws, Team USA) CitySide Lax shows opposing goalie how to score!

    Bonus: Commentary between Lewis and Adam Ghitelman who strung Lewis’ stick at a CitySide camp.

    @lew.schr0ck @dsnides23 @adam8taylor @citysidelax

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