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Let's explore what this site is all about

I'm Coach Damon, creator of LGR. If you desire to improve your lacrosse goalie game (or that of your son or daughter) but don't know where to start, this page is for you.

My belief in helping you learn how to play goalie is simple: Share what works, be honest with what doesn't, work hard, and lead by example. That’s what I’m all about, and that’s what LGR is all about too.

I'm a brand new lacrosse goalie

Where should I start? 

First of all, welcome to the community of lacrosse goalies. We're a small but tight knit group of crazy people dedicated to defending the cage.

Whether you're a brand new goalie looking for info, an experienced goalie wanting to return to basics, a parent looking for info for your youth goalie, or an attack, middie, D, or LSM contemplating a switch in positions, we should have what you need.

Lax Goalie Rat is a site full information about how to play goalie, how to improve your game, the right lacrosse goalie gear to use, the right lacrosse goalie drills and workouts, and how to transform yourself into a mental warrior.

For new goalies, however it can be a bit overwhelming.

Before you get started, make sure you're protected. Getting protected with the right gear will help your confidence in goal. Check out my recommended lacrosse goalie gear if you need help.

Here are the 1st 11 posts that I would read to understand the basics of playing goalie in the sport of lacrosse: 

After that you should have a decent understanding of what you're supposed to do. So get out there and practice. Getting shot on is the best way to get better.

The mental side

to PLaying Lacrosse goalie

They say playing goalie is 90% mental.

Once you understand the basics and can execute saves at fairly decent level your next challenge will be to overcome the mental demons that haunt so many lacrosse goalies.

In addition to teaching the physical aspects of how to make saves I also teach goalies how to be mental warriors. It's not easy, but with the right attitude anyone can conquer the mental side of goalie play.

Here are my posts related to the mental game: 

The mental piece is hard. I don't expect you to be mentally tough after reading 7 articles. But by slowly internalizing the lessons of those posts, you will become a mental warrior in the crease.

Get My Book


There is tons and tons of free content available on this site. But if you want everything broken down as simple and easy as possible, I recommend purchasing my book.

It's called the Lax Goalie Bible and it's the best resource that I know of to teach lacrosse goalies and lacrosse goalie coaches this amazing position.

I've put tons of effort into creating that book and I'm proud of how it turned out. Goalie coaches, players, and parents have all enjoyed the simple and yet very effective approach that's outlined in that book.


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Lax Goalie Rat Online Camp

If you're a visual learner, I've put together a series of 80 videos to show you step-by-step how learn and teach the lacrosse goalie position.

The Lax Goalie Rat Camp is everything I've learned from my career of playing and coaching goalies for over 18 years. I honestly believe this is the best online goalie training product that exists!

No other camp teaches EVERYTHING you need to be a dominate lacrosse goalie. The Lax Goalie Rat camp covers the physical, technical, and mental mindsets you need to be (or to build) a dominate lacrosse goalie who is beeming with confidence.


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Before you jump in on the path of your lacrosse goalie career, I'd love to share with you some insights and guidance that I’ve learned about being a goalie from my years of playing, coaching, and writing.

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