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Finding a Used Lacrosse Goalie Gear Setup for under $350

One of the large barriers to entry for kids getting started in the sport of lacrosse is price of the gear.

I get it – stuff is expensive. That’s why I still have my Cascade C2 from 1999.

So anytime you can get used goalie gear you should. Especially if you’re young goalie is just starting out.

He or she may realize lacrosse goalie is not for them and then you’re stuck on the business end of a new $160 chest protector and $180 goalie gloves.

My favorite spot for used goalie gear is SidelineSwap.

It’s like eBay or Craigslist but exclusively for sports gear. And you find some pretty sweat deals.

So let’s see if we can outfit a lacrosse goalie with used items on SidelineSwap for under $350.

Goalie Gear From SidelineSwap

If you’ve never heard of SidelineSwap, you’re in for a treat.

And that treat is reasonably priced used lacrosse lacrosse goalie gear. Sometimes even new stuff.

As a reminder, here’s the required goalie gear that youth need:

  • Helmet
  • Throat Guard
  • Goalie Stick
  • Goalie Gloves
  • Chest Protector
  • Cleats
  • Goalie Jock
  • Mouth Guard

Optional Gear includes:

  • Goalie Pants
  • Shin Guards
  • Arm Guards

For all of these items I’m going to set shipping to USA West which is were I’m based. Shipping is probably cheaper to USA East so keep that in mind.

Also on SidelineSwap you make offers. Not sure if owners of any of these items are open to offers but consider this the absolutely max you would have to pay. I imagine most prices could be negotiated down a little.

One thing I’m not considering is sizes. Finding the right size might limit the amount of available options you see on SidelineSwap.

Let’s see what we can find.

Helmet + Throat Guard

Cascade CPX with Throat Guard – $50 + $10 shipping

We could probably go a little cheaper on the helmet but the Cascade CPX is a solid option and this one comes with an already assembled throat guard.

The Cascade throat guard is pretty simple to attach to a helmet but that’s a nice touch anyways.

Plus this helmet looks like its in top notch condition.

Goalie Gloves

Warrior Regulator Goalie Gloves – $45 + $12 shipping

At one point the Warrior Regulators were the best glove on the market.

I’ve played with these gloves quite a bit. The thumb protection is a big and bulky but it prevented any sort of thumb injury for me.

The Warrior Regulators would be a solid goalie glove option for a beginner goalie.

Chest Protector

Maverik WonderBoy Chest Protector – $15 + $9 shipping

Never heard of this chest protector model to be honest but when you’re on an extreme budget you don’t get to be selective.

This chest pad doesn’t have all the bells and whistles of the premium priced models but you do get the collar bone protection and velco straps for a snug fit.

It’s also called WonderBoy which gives you powers. What powers you ask? I dunno, how ’bout the power the kill a yak from 200 yards away. Wonderboy!

Goalie Jock

CCM Goalie Jock – $20 + $10 shipping

Molded cup protection. Soft conform padding. Waist foam protection Adjustable waist attachment. All for $30? Sounds like a winner.

I didn’t see any used goalie jocks on SidelineSwap at the time of this writing. But you know what? Who really wants a used goalie jock.

Sometimes we gotta splurge for the new!

Goalie Complete Stick – Head & Shaft

STX Eclipse Full Stick – $110 + $10 shipping

STX Eclipse (OG) head with a Nike Vapor shaft.

Couldn’t find any good deals on fully string lacrosse goalie sticks.

If you have stick stringing abilities you could get a much better deal buying the parts separately and doing the stringing yourself. But I’m going to assume if you’re equipping a beginner goalie your stick stringing skills are subpar.

Playing with a poorly string stick is a bummer so don’t put your young goalie in that situation.

My stick stringing skills are subpar and I’ve been in the game since 1999.

I’m almost 100% certain this head and shaft combo could be negotiating down in price. With the STX Eclipse 2 out on the market, the price of the OG Eclipse should be lower than this.


Under Armour Highlights – $20 + $12 shipping

There are quite a few great cleats options on SidelineSwap so really its just a question of finding your size.

These are Men’s Size 11 and would look pretty saucy on any goalie’s feet.

I’m also a fan of the extreme high tops to get more ankle protection and stability.

Here is SidelineSwap’s lacrosse cleats category so you could search your size and specific style.

Mouth Guard

Mouth Guard – $5 + $4 shipping

Simple plastic mouth guard. Actually comes in a set of 3 to share with your teammates 🙂

Summary of Mandatory Gear

So that’s it for the mandatory gear:

  • Helmet & Throat Guard- $60
  • Goalie Stick – $120
  • Goalie Gloves – $57
  • Chest Protector – $24
  • Cleats – $32
  • Goalie Jock – $30
  • Mouth Guard – $9

Total for all items with shipping include: $332

Additional Goalie Gear

Now that we have our mandatory gear covered, let’s see if we pickup a few more additional items to keep our young goalie padded up.

Shin Guards

Adidas Shin Guards – $5 + $9 shipping

Tons used soccer shin guards on SidelineSwap that are light and perfect for us lacrosse goalies.

Pickup a pair and protect them shins from burners.

Goalie Pants

Football Pants with Integrated Pads – $35 + $12 shipping

All the lacrosse goalie pants were super expensive but no matter because football pants give goalies great protection and style.

Arm Guards

Brine Uprising 2 – $10 + $10 shipping

I’ve said this before – I have no idea why arm pads are required for youth goalies.

They protect the elbow. You know how many shots I took off the elbows in goalie career? Bagels, goose eggs, big fat 0.

Nonetheless, you can pickup a cheap pair on SidelineSwap for about $10.

Summary of Additional Gear

So that’s it for the mandatory gear:

  • Shin Guards – $14
  • Goalie Pants – $47
  • Arm Guards – $20

Cost all additional gear: $81


The purpose of this post was to see if we could suit up a lacrosse head to toe for under $350 with currently listed for sale on SidelineSwap.

We got there – at $332 for the required gear. Another $81 if you want the additional protection.

Also keep in mind all those prices could probably be negotiated down if I was really planning on buying.

If you’re just starting out in goal definitely start with used equipment because going new will be more in the $700-800 range.

Until next time! Coach Damon

You ever found a great deal on used lacrosse goalie gear items? Leave me a comment down below.

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7 thoughts on “Finding a Used Lacrosse Goalie Gear Setup for under $350

  1. An opinion from a lacrosse parent and coach: Youth should start in their local youth/rec teams, and those teams should have a set of basic gear for kids to try out the position. At the youth level, there is still a lot of mind changing– kids choose to try goalie for a variety of reasons, but the goalie position doesn’t always stick. (our town team’s goalie decided to no longer play after 2 years, after the parents shelled out the money for equipment). If the goalie positions sticks for “long enough” (more than 2 years?), then that’s fantastic and the youth should consider getting their own gear. As an example, for the youth rec team, they don’t need to shell out for a top tier stick with custom stringing– a simple Shield100 stick is more than adequate until the long term commitment is made. If a town rec team has to consider budget issues, then they should go for the better chest pads than the stick.

    Here’s another challenge with youth gear– sizing. Many of the good pads don’t size down to youth medium (your typical 4/5/6th grader), and the ones that do don’t provide good coverage or protection. Helmets are a tough one for a parent to tackle buying because of the cost, then a hand me down from an older brother is helpful!

    For girls lacrosse goalies, there seems to be some affordable female options from STX for chest pads and gloves. My daughter uses them and is happy. The leg pads options aren’t great, while for shin guards she definitely prefers her field hockey shin guards (mandatory for “field” field hockey players) to the lacrosse shin guards on the market (because the lacrosse ones seem to limit mobility, which is a bummer if you play out). I was glad, that saved me a bit. Likewise, she acquired her brother’s lacrosse elbow pads (when she wore them, but has discarded them for mobility). So, the other lesson then is that multi-sport athletes should not repurchase gear that can be used across the sports, and borrow from siblings that don’t use their old stuff!

    Lastly, youth grow… and last year’s goalie shorts won’t work next year… etc. So finding used gear online helps, but asking around the league (other parents) can also help.

  2. Hey coach was just wondering where the best place to get a goalie head strung because the last place I got it strung was at camp. I’m not confident in my ability for stringing yet because I was going to get a back up setup with all the same specs as my current main stick. Any suggestions will be helpful so thank you in advanced

  3. Hey Coach,

    So no arm guards for youth goalies? My 11yr old hates them and I’m sick of arguing with him about it.

    1. I don’t think they protect anything. Most arm guard protection protects the back of the arm and elbow. How many times to goalies get hit with shots there?

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