Fixing Bad Habits with Goalie Gurus Founder Pat Wallace - Episode 188 | Lax Goalie Rat

Fixing Bad Habits with Goalie Gurus Founder Pat Wallace – Episode 188

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My guest on today’s episode of the Lax Goalie Rat podcast founder of Goalie Gurus, coach Pat Wallace.

Pat is a recent presenter at the Lacrosse Goalie Summit 8.

His presentation on “Mental Preparation: Cultivating a Clear and Focus Mind for Competition” offered a really awesome insight into using mindfulness techniques such as yoga or meditation to help you level up your goalie game while also feeling your best.

Pat is a former college lacrosse goalie who spent time at both Richmond and Boston College in the MCLA.

Wallace grew up the youngest of 3 boys in Winchester, MS. His brothers decided that he would be a goalie before he even started playing the game as they needed a goalie to shoot on in the backyard.

His middle brother John was also a goalie and as much as he loved the position he missed the opportunity to score goals so Pat became the goalie.

Pat learned a lot about the fundamentals of the position from his brother and then the two would start attending specialty camps such as Peak Goalie with friend of the program Coach Sean Quirk. He also received private training with former Boston Cannons MLL goalie Kevin O’Brien.

Pat joined the Richmond Spiders while they were still in the MCLA in the hopes that he would be able to be a part of the team when they would move to D1 in his freshman year.

Unfortunately, a serious concussion injury during the fall semester of his freshman season forced Wallace to step away from the game due to doctors’ concerns about his recovery and the importance of being a to return to his academics quicker.

Pat would then make the decision to transfer to Boston College so that he could be closer to home and be at a school that better fit his academic needs.

Two years later, Wallace would receive the go-ahead to return to play after seeking a second opinion and would then start the process of preparing himself to try and make the BC club lacrosse team during his senior season.

Pat tells the story about how he went through the process of deciding to play again and what he did to help prepare to step into the cage again.

This is an important lesson in perseverance for any goalie recovering or returning from a serious injury.

Now Pat has entered the coaching world as the founder of his own goalie coaching business, Goalie Gurus, which trains box and field lacrosse goalies on all skill levels in the New England area.

Pat has also served time as an assistant coach with Amherst College, the University of New Hampshire, and is currently an assistant coach with the New England Chowderheads of the Professional Box Lacrosse Association.

Anytime I get a chance to chat with a fellow goalie coach it’s always a pleasure.

So I hope you enjoy this episode with coach Pat Wallace.

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