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Lacrosse Goalie Throat Protectors: What are your options?

I’ve talked a lot about the equipment needed to play goalie on this site.

Everything from helmets, heads, chest protectors, and gloves. In fact this page has all of my lacrosse goalie gear recommendations.

Today I’m going to discuss the lacrosse goalie throat guard, a mandatory piece of equipment for goalies both male and female.

From the men’s NCAA lacrosse rulebook:

SECTION 23 c. The special equipment worn by the goalkeeper shall not exceed that of a field player, plus standard goalkeeper equipment, i.e., shinguards, chest protectors and throat protectors. Throat protectors must be specifically designed for lacrosse.

From the female lacrosse NCAA rulebook:

SECTION 6. The goalkeeper must wear a helmet with face mask, a separate throat protector, padded gloves, a mouthpiece and a chest protector. The protective helmet, designed for lacrosse, must meet the NOCSAE test standard and must have a chin strap securely attached.

The female rulebook doesn’t have the additional clarification that the throat guard must be specifically designed for lacrosse.

There is no right or wrong way to wear your lacrosse goalie throat guard.

At the end of the day there’s really only one thing that matters, is your throat protected from shots?

Let’s check out the options.

Cascade Lacrosse Goalie Throat Guard

Cascade Throat Protector

General Description

The Cascade throat guard is by far the most common throat protector you’ll see guarding lax goalie’s necks.

There are now 3 models of this throat guard – the original and the TPC2, and the latest release the TP-S throat guard.

Compared to the original, the TPC2 has extended plastic at the bottom for additional throat protection. In the latest model (TP-S), Cascade removed a little of the extension and added some more texture to the plastic.

Check out my full review of the Cascade TP-S throat guard.

The latest model comes in clear plastic and “smoke” which is a darker grey plastic. The TPC2 comes in both clear and black plastic.

Both the TP-C and the latest model will set you back about $40.


TP-S – Buy on LacrosseMonkey for $40

TP-C – Buy on Amazon for $39.99 at time of this writing.

Installation of Cascade TP-S or TPC2

There are two methods of installing the TP-S/TPC2 onto your helmet.

The first and easiest method is to simply attach it to the helmet with shooting string or zip ties.

Remove the TP-S/TPC2 drill pieces on either side and attach the Cascade throat guard with the string/zip ties to the side and at the bottom.

A benefit of connecting the throat guard with string/zip ties is that it can easily be removed in the event a goalie wants to spend a little time playing in the field.

Be sure that its not too loose or else the impact of the shot could cause the throat guard to snap off. One drawback of this method of attachment is that the throat can tend to bounce around as the goalie runs around.

The second method requires drilling holes. It’s a little more complex but I think more secure.

This throat installation works on all types of Cascade helmets: Cascade S, Cascade R, Cascade CPX-R, Cascade CPV-R, Cascade CS-R, and Cascade CS.

Here are the steps to install the Cascade TPC2 onto a Cascade helmet:

  1. Drill the center front hole through the middle “c” in “Cascade” or about 3/8” up from bottom of chin piece using a 7/32” drill bit
    Install Cascade Throat Guard
  2. Drill the side holes in the helmet with a  7/32” drill bit. Use a ruler to mark the spots first. The location of the side holes will vary depending on which model Cascade helmet you have:
  3. Using a screwdriver connect the webbing to the chin piece as shown below:
  4. Connect the sides using a screwdriver. Screw head must be flush to silver spacer. Do not over tighten.

Here are PDF versions of the Cascade TP-S/TPC2 installation instructions.

During my playing days I used the drilling method which I found more secure. Although the throat piece took it’s fair share of shots, I played with the same Cascade throat guard my entire playing career.

Final installation will look something like this:


Warrior Universal Goalie Throat Guard

Warrior also makes a throat protector that works for lacrosse goalies.

This throat guard is meant to fit Warrior and Brine helmets and is meant to attach via string/zip ties. Technically you could attach it to any helmet on the market.

This Warrior throat guard comes in more colors than the Cascade model. You can find it in red, blue, black, clear, yellow, and green.

The Warrior Goalie Throat Kit is made to fit every helmet on the market today. It attaches to your helmet with string or zip ties.

The Warrior throat guard is a little cheaper at $30.

Buy on LacrosseMonkey for $30

Warrior also does have an older molder – which has the name I believe – of this throat guard that looks like this:


Ice Hockey Style “Danglers”

Another method of protecting your throat is connecting a “dangler”.

throat protector

Technically I don’t think these are permitted in men’s lacrosse since the rulebook states that lacrosse goalie throat protectors must be specifically designed for lacrosse and these are for ice hockey.

I also don’t think a ref would ever say anything because the protection level is the same, if not more. I’ve seen several male goalies play in competition with this style of lacrosse throat guard and never seen a referee say anything.

Since these danglers are not made specific for the helmets you’ll want to connect them with string or zip ties.

You can get dangler style throat protectors on Amazon.

Here’s current MLL goalie Ryan LaPlante posing for a sexy photoshoot showing off his dangler.


Anyways, use the dangler at your own risk. If you’ve heard stories of referees outlawing this style of throat protector leave me a comment down below.


Protect your throat. Getting hit there could cause serious damage. Be sure when installed your throat protector covers your throat leaving no exposed area.

There’s a few options for goalies when it comes to throat guard and each depends on your personal preference.

I personally am a fan of Cascade’s throat protector. I think it looks sweet, protects well, and lasted my entire playing career.

Until next time! Coach Damon

Title photo credit to Travis Warren

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19 thoughts on “Lacrosse Goalie Throat Protectors: What are your options?

    1. Hi Will – I updated the post to include instructions for installing the throat guard to the Cascade S helmet. It’s essentially the same steps, you just vary the location of where you drill the side holes depending on which model helmet you have.

    1. Never tried to be honest but from looks you could drill center hole and attach and then attach sides with shooting string in the events drilling all 3 holes doesn’t work.

  1. I hooked a TPC2 to a new Cascade R, but it rattles more than the old helmet (an older R that was beat up). But it also drops faster — the guard on the old R would drop into position more slowly.

    Is the rattle on the new installation normal? Wondering if it was just hooked up wrong on the old helmet, or if it’s wrong on the new.

    1. Hey JP! I have seen those throat guards. Looks awesome. Looks better and more protective. Haven’t seen any place online selling them yet, have you? I’d like to get my hands on one too.

  2. My son plays both goalie and attack. What about unscrewing the throat protector when he switches to field? How much time does that take vs removing the string?



    1. Unscrewing the screws is going to be way faster than trying to undo knots. If goalies are splitting time I’d recommend using the screws. Tying with string is more a permanent solution in my option.

  3. It’s impossible to find a Warrior throat guard online anymore. Do you think a Cascade TPS or dangler is more practical for a Warrior Evo?

  4. How to you customize your goalie throat guard to make it look cool. I’m wanting to make a shark mouth on mine. How would I go about that?

    1. Easiest way is to cover it with white athletic tape and then draw the shark mouth on top of the white tape. That sounds pretty cool. Send me a pic once you got it done!

  5. Hey Coach, parent new to lax here. My son’s a goalie & I tied his throat guard to his helmet. I drill a hole in the upper middle of the guard bc it seemed like a good idea. After a recent game we noticed his guard was cracked from a shot. I’m not sure if it was a 1 in a million shot or a result of me drilling an extra hole? Thoughts? I guess I’ll drill the helmet which I wanted to avoid.

    1. Yeah any drill hole in the throat guard totally weakens its integrity. Definitely don’t do that. They might break over time anyways but they def will with a drilled hole.

  6. I just bought my son a new cascade xrs pro helmet and throat guard. I’ve never attached a throat guard before. The first hole was easy (through the middle “c”). Step 2… not so much. This helmet was expensive. The instructions mention a pilot hole inside the helmet, which I believe is referencing a hole in the thin black plastic layer inside the helmet (between the innermost foam layer and the outermost plastic). However, the only way to be sure I drill straight through this hole is to do so from inside the helmet and I can’t fit a drill inside the helmet to ensure I drill a hole that won’t be at an angle. I would simple measure according to the instructions but again, if my measurements aren’t perfect, my holes won’t align with the pilot holes in the black plastic. I really don’t want to mess this up and have failed holes drilled into this brand new helmet. I can’t find any videos online showing how others have drilled these holes. If you have any suggestions, I would appreciate any help you can offer. Otherwise, I’m leaning towards zip ties. Thanks!

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