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Maverik Rome NXT Goalie Glove Review


In today’s post I’m continuing my series of in-depth reviews for specific items of lacrosse gear. The next piece of equipment I’m going to review is the Maverik Rome NXT Goalie Gloves.

Awhile back I did a review of the STX Eclipse, my favorite lacrosse goalie head. I did a review of the great Cascade R helmet.

In the upcoming weeks I’ll be reviewing different goalie heads, goalie gloves, and chest protectors that I’ve used in my career.

For general questions about lacrosse goalie gloves be sure to checkout my complete guide to lacrosse goalie gloves.

Maverik Rome NXT - White

Maverik Rome NXT Goalie Glove Review

The pair that I have been using for the past year is the Maverik Rome NXT goalie gloves. Released alongside the Maverik M3 goalie gloves, the Maverik Rome NXT are the second gloves released in the Rome line.

They are a slimmer glove than the M3 and contour to your hand, creating a less bulky feeling in your hands. They are tight on the inside which leads to comfort, but also may be a problem for goalies with large hands.

The largest size they offer is the 13”, which is good for most, but may not fit everyone.

Due to how slim the gloves are, they end up being very lightweight, which is very beneficial since a big part of making saves is about hand speed.

As a high end glove option, the Maverik Rome NXT originally released for $179.99. Since they were released a couple years ago they can now be found for much cheaper than that. At time of this post you can find the Rome NXT goalie gloves (color:black, size: large) on Amazon for about $110

Despite the initial price, these gloves are definitely worth it for a competitive lacrosse player.

They offer a lot of padding which is crucial to the goalie position, and are extremely protective for being such a thin, well fitting, and light glove. These gloves offer enough padding that you do not need to worry about injury while in the cage, which can give you the confidence that you need to focus on the fundamentals of lacrosse saves

Maverik Rome NXT - Black

Maverik’s patented “TorqueLOC” Thumb Protection

The thumb protection on this glove is very good and the Rome NXT offers Maverik’s patented “TorqueLOC” technology.

This technology allows the player to bend the top of the thumb forward, but prevents the thumb from bending backwards. This allows a goalie to grip his stick properly, while also not having to worry about getting hit with a shot and having his thumb bent too far backwards. This technology is helpful in preventing thumb injuries.

The frame of the thumb goes from the top of the thumb all the way down the bone to about the beginning of the wrist. This covers the whole thumb, and protects parts that most other gloves do not protect.

The padding inside of the glove is very thick and offers a lot of protection. Personally I have never had a problem with the padding on these gloves, and I feel that they do a very good job of protecting the hand, both on the fingers, and the back of the hand.

The gloves offer both a fixed cuff, as well as a floating cuff for added wrist protection. The floating cuff allows the player to hang the gloves from his wrist when he needs to use his hands, as well as protects the wrist from damage.

The cuffing on these gloves is very protective, and many parents like the floating cuff since their little goalies can store the gloves on their wrists instead of in a pile with all the other player’s gear. 

When first purchased the Rome NXT gloves had a lot of flexibility, and allow your hands to move freely inside of them. This only ended up getting better over time. They fit tight to your fingers and allow for a lot of movement with little resistance.

The Maverik Rome NXT goalie gloves have a leather palm which is thick to prevent wear but also gives you a good feel and grip on the stick. The Rome NXT’s also offer a lot of holes on the palm and fingers to allow the glove to breathe well. There are also vents on the back of the hand allowing for more airflow in and out of the glove.

I have found the vents on the gloves to be very nice, and they do a very good job of keeping your hands at a good temperature.

Maverik Rome NXT Goalie Gloves

The glove is very stylish as well as protective. The slim design of the gloves and the leather palms add a nice aesthetic to the glove. The vents and the Maverik logos on the back of the glove all look very nice and go with the glove well.

The Maverik Rome NXTs come in a few different colors. White and black are the most common colors and the only ones you’ll find at most outlets.

Personally I have the all black version of the glove, and the multiple textures and finishes on the glove look very nice.

The durability on these gloves for the most part is very good. I played over a year with these gloves, and used them in countless games and practices, and have only found minor durability problems.

The stitching on the inside of the thumb has torn and leaves a hole that is not really noticeable most of the time. On my other glove, my thumb has torn through the leather on the inside of the thumb, leaving a small hole that is also not very noticeable while playing.

Besides these two holes in the thumbs, I have not found any other parts of the glove that are lacking in quality.

It is good to note that I am generally extremely rough on gloves, and I tore through a thick piece of leather on the thumb. These gloves have held up much better than gloves generally do in the past and despite these minor issues, I would say that the Rome NXT gloves do have very good quality and durability.

Maverik Rome NXT Goalie Gloves: Where to Buy

As I’ve mentioned in previous posts I prefer to buy my lax gear from the online vendors since you can often find deals there that the brick and mortar sports stores simply cannot match.

Maverik Rome NXTs here on Amazon

My preferred vendor actually doesn’t carry the Rome NXTs at the moment. You can however get the previous version the Maverik Rome Goalie Gloves which feature much of the same technology I’ve described above. Since they’re the previous model they also come with a huge discount.

If you’re in the market for a used pair of Rome NXT’s, then definitely check your local Craigslist.

Note: These are affiliate links so I’ll make a few pennies if you decide to buy through these links. No pressure of course and if you’ve enjoyed the articles here on Lax Goalie Rat feel free to support me by making a purchase through these links.

Video Reviews of Maverik Rome NXT Goalie Gloves

Here is Drew Adams of the Long Island Lizards giving his Maverik Rome NXT goalie glove review. The same gloves he wears during the MLL season.

Here is a Maverik Rome NXT Goalie glove review from LaxSplat –


To sum up this Maverik Rome NXT goalie glove review, I would definitely recommend these gloves for goalies. 

Due to the price point I would recommend these gloves for a more serious goalie, but they will perform well for goalies of any age. These gloves give good protection, utilize new and innovative technology, are lightweight, and are pretty durable.

They will help any goalie perform well, and will give them the confidence that they need to focus on saves not on the protection of their hands. 

Until next time! Coach Damon

Let me know what you think about the product reviews in the comments. Have you used the Maverik Rome NXT goalie gloves? Would love to hear your experience in the comments. 

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4 thoughts on “Maverik Rome NXT Goalie Glove Review

  1. Been a goalie coach a long time not sure why these companies do not have a better protection system for the thumb. All the goalies I have coached over the years have been outfitted with extra padding on the thumb (I require it.) I should trade mark the gloves. Some of the existing gloves are ok but none protect the long part of the thumb, knuckle to hand that’s what breaks when the goalie has to turn the hand inside to get the low off side shot. I think R&D is missing with these companies its such an easy fix.

    1. Hi Tom – I do think goalie gloves are moving in the right direction. I mean when I played in college the concept of a specific goalie glove didn’t even exist, we just attached the extra padding to the thumb and called it a day. Some of the gloves today have really nice protection on the thumb without being too intrusive to the save movement and outlet passes. I’m excited to see what the goalie glove of the future looks like. How do you outfit the extra padding on your gloves? Tom’s extra thumb padding (trademark pending).

    1. Hi Thomas – Both are great goalie gloves so you can’t go wrong. The thumb protection on both gloves is identical with the TorqueLoc technology. In full honesty I’ve never used the M3’s, just the Rome NXTs, but from what I’ve read the M3’s differ in grip which is super soft almost like you’re playing barehanded. But like I said, both are great gloves and you can’t go wrong with either. Thanks for the question. Coach Damon

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