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Under Armor Banshee Mid Cleats Review


If you play on a grass field having a high-quality cleat is going to increase your ability to explode to a shot and also provide protection from shots.

Some goalies even prefer normal cleats on turf fields although I always preferred a good turf cleat.

There are a ton of cleat options out on the market and in this post we’ll do a Under Armor Banshee Mid Cleats Review. 

Check out the UA Banshee on Amazon.

While each goalie may have his/her personal preference of low, mid, or high-tops, this cleat is a mid which provides the best of both worlds. You have the movement from a low-top cleat and the durability and ankle support from a high-top cleat.

Let’s get into our review of the cleat that many collegiate lacrosse players are using today: the UA Banshee Mid.


Fit (Comfortability)

The cleat itself feels pretty good for the most part. For myself, I found that it wasn’t too tight fitting like other mid-cleats on the market, such as the Nike Huaraches.

However, perhaps they can be a bit too loose around the feet at times, but when making saves, I felt just as agile as ever.

They do seem to run a bit big, about half a size or so, but again the little extra wiggle room won’t particularly take away from your saving ability.

In fact, some goalies even go up half a size to get a little extra room on the toe to just make their job of foot saves a little easier.

Verdict: 7/10


I’ve been wearing the Under Armour Banshees for about 6 months now and they’ve held up great.

The ankle support is still in-tact, and the cleat bottoms themselves have barely been worn. It’s a great cleat in terms of durability and I haven’t seen the performance go down the slightest in 6 months of play, including most of a college lacrosse season and not to mention hours on the field day in and day out.

In fact, I’d say the UA Banshee is probably one of the toughest cleats I’ve ever worn, which I think is important for goalies to have.

Also, taking a 90mph plus shot off of one of these cleats didn’t affect me one bit, giving me even more confidence to recommend this cleat to a goalie of any age or skill.

Verdict: 10/10


The cleat isn’t the most attractive on the market, however the structure is perhaps one of the best for goalies.

The cleat stands tall on the bottom with a strong center, making the player as about as balanced as you can get.

This is tremendous for goalies as when you are in your stance ready to face any shot, you want as much balance as possible backing you up.

I also have had many ankle injuries in the past and I haven’t once rolled or twisted my ankles in these cleats. The exterior feels loose, but keeps you strapped in and holding your balance.

For example, when I make an off stick low save, I think goalies tend to fall when it goes to the corner, trying to get anything and everything out there to make the save. Of course, this is due to a lack of balance and mobility.

In these cleats, I see myself staying on my feet more on the tough low saves, making them picture perfect.

I’m not saying you’ll instantly become the next John Galloway wearing these cleats, but it will certainly support your balance.

Verdict: 9/10


This is more of an opinion than really what’s going to affect play, but design can be looked at in two ways.

First off, in my opinion, there are better-looking cleats out there on the market.

However, visuals aren’t going to help you make the save, but look good and play good is definitely real.

Am I saying they are ugly? No, not even close.

In fact, I’d say they are in the top 5 in terms of style for mid lacrosse cleat out there. However, when you compare it to the look of the Nike Huarache for example, it’s tough to say that the UA Banshee is better looking.

However, like I said though, design goes two ways. In terms of how the cleat was built, this ties in what I said I said about structure.

As a goalie, I prefer this much over the Huarache, which is right up there with the UA Highlights in terms of popularity.

Verdict: 8/10


At the price of around $100, it isn’t one of the cheapest cleats available, but certainly not some of the most expensive. In comparison, its right around the price of most Nike Huaraches. However, my opinion would be to sway any goalie in the direction of the UA Banshee.

The way they feel and perform outclasses the Nike Huarache, at least for the goalie position. Now, I’m not saying the Huarache is a bad cleat, because it’s definitely one of the best available on the market, but for me, the fit of Nike cleats in general just are too narrow and compact for my liking.

Other cleats, such as those made by warrior have a similar look and feel to the UA Banshee. Those cleats you can usually get around $50 if you are a smart shopper, but they aren’t as durable as the Banshee, so it really depends on your situation.

If you are in need of a quick pair of cleats like to finish out a season with, a Warrior cleat may be the smarter option.

However, if you are actively looking for your new cleat for an upcoming season, then I’d advise going with the durability of the Under Armour Banshee rather than the price of some warrior mid cleats.

Under Armor Banshee Mid on Amazon

Verdict: 8/10


In conclusion, the UA Banshee is a solid and relatively inexpensive pick for a lacrosse goalie to choose as their cleat, coming in at $99.99.

With its durability and design, you will feel right at home between the pipes. If you’re looking for a cleat that will last you a full season and then some, this is your best bet!

Overall: 42/50

Anyone used the UA Banshee Mid cleat? What are your thoughts? Leave me a comment down below. 

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3 thoughts on “Under Armor Banshee Mid Cleats Review

  1. Hi Coach Damon,
    I’ve been a goalie for about 2 years now and I would like a new stick set up. My current stick set up is a Warrior Zoo goalie head and shaft with HeroMesh 12D. I would love to have an STX Eclipse 2, with a StringKing Metal 2 or Epoch Dragonfly 8 shaft and Grizzly 2S mesh. But my mom thinks that I could just stick to my old stick since I haven’t been doing badly with it. She’s unsure if she buys the new equipment that I want, I will do badly. I personally think I would play better but I would like your opinion on this subject because I know it is costly to get a new one.

    1. Hi Jody! Without a doubt you’ll play better with a more modern goalie head like the STX Eclipse 2. The weight is much better and the outlet passes, really everything about the modern heads is better. I realize it is exspenive but if you can afford it I think your game will improve with the STX Eclipse 2. Good luck! Damon

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