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Virtual Lacrosse Goalie Summit Recap and Takeaways

Ever since I presented during the Jamie Munro Lacrosse Lacrosse Virtual Summit I had the idea to do the same thing but purely for us lacrosse goalies.

This July 29, 30, and 31 we pulled it off.

15 goalie coaches and hundreds of kids, coaches and parents gathered virtually to learn about the toughest position in sports – the lacrosse goalie.

Wow! What a great event!

So many amazing presentations, I was really in awe of some of the pure gold that these coaches taught you.

What’d you guys think? Did you attend? Who was your favorite presenter?

I had my doubts this would work but the format was really amazing and many commented that it was better than any LaxCon presentation because you were right there with the presenter! I loved it.

I also had my doubts that with 15 goalie presentations there was going to be too much repetition and overlap and to my surprise every single coach brought something very unique to the table.

We will definitely be doing another one of these in a few months.

Here’s a quick breakdown –

Lacrosse Goalie Summit Wrap Up and Takeaways

The Lacrosse Goalie Summit replays are available to Lax Goalie Rat Academy members – my premier goalie training membership site.

I included links for quick viewing access just for the Lax Goalie Rat Academy members.

Coach Dave Page from Foundation Lacrosse and the Penn asst. coach kicked us off strong discussing how to be a complete college goalie and giving some amazing video breakdown of Reed Junkin, the Penn goalie.

Watch Coach Dave Page

Jack Starr, Yale current goalie, taught us Yale’s Reset Routine – absolutely gold for goalies. This is something you should learn and work into your routine ASAP!

Watch Jack presentation

Chris Buck, author of Thinking Inside the Crease, taught the “Bring It” mindset and why so many lacrosse goalie issues we see are mental, and what we can do about that.

Watch Chris presentation

Alex Ready closed out day 1 with a full masterclass on my “My Approach to Goalie Coaching”. Mandatory viewing for any lacrosse coach.

Watch Alex presentation

Ted Bergman got us started on Day 2 with his talk on Toy Soldier goaltending. Coach Bergman is always teaching revolution goalie concepts and this one is no exception – amazing stuff!

Watch Ted presentation

Chris Gill from Crease Beast Lacrosse out of Long Island was up next with an awesome demonstration of goalie drills for the backyard.

Watch Chris presentation

Next up Ryan LaPlante (Denver / MLL / Goalie Evolution Academy) was up next discussing Consistency Thru Simplicity. There’s so much to process as a goalie but Ryan shows us how to break things down simple. Simplicity can make you a better goalie.

Watch Ryan presentation

Ronnie Fernando, fresh off of suiting up for 2 MLL squads, gave a great talk about coaching the fundamentals. We also took a look at his awesome training invention – the Arc Buddy – meant to help train those fundamentals.

Watch Ronnie presentation

Closing out Day 2 was Lyndsey Munoz with an amazing talk on Mastering your Mind. Here’s a pic of a young goalie just getting the mind blown while watching live. I think we were all like that! I’ve already starting doing the 168 plan. Anyone else?

Watch Lyndsey presentation

Mike Gabel from True Lacrosse kicked off our final day and discussed why goalies need to be the field general and how communication gets you there! The big dog mentality he talked about is pure gold!

Watch Gabel presentation

Brad Gigliotti followed up and continued the topic of Goalie Communication but in a different way – how goalies, parents, and coaches should communicate with one another. Never thought about this level of communication and it was awesome stuff. Plus we got to hear from the Big Dog Bruce.

Watch Brad presentation

Zach Oliveri, a physical therapist (just got the doctorate! Doctor.) broke down performance management for goalies. Things like sleep, training, eating, mental work – stuff that so important for ALL athletes but rarely gets talked about. Well Dr. Oliveri drops some serious knowledge the topic.

Watch Zach presentation

Arthur Leibowitz from hand eye coaches took us through some eye vision exercises and drills that you can use to increase your goalie hand eye coordination. This one is worth is just to watch Coach Damon struggle in the drills. I need more hand eye training!

Watch Arthur presentation

Rachel Vallarreli (RavLax) closed out day 3 with some awesome video breakdown of her stance and save technique. She also taught an in-depth session on how to bait, which was really amazing.

Watch Rachel presentation

Finally we threw a bonus session at you from Coach Jesse Miller from BTBLax discussing how to train. Why work harder when you can work smarter? The way Jesse breaks down the training is an awesome strategy.

Watch Jesse presentation

Thank You!

The Summit was really made possible by all the great coaches.

As you can tell not one single coach showed up unprepared. They gave their everything into these talks to get you guys the best goalie knowledge they know, and it showed.

Huge thanks to all the coaches!

Huge thanks to everyone who attended! One of my favorite things was interacting with the goalies, coaches, and parents in the chat. You guys made it great by asking amazing questions! Thanks!

Thanks to Lexi Shield for sponsoring the event and giving away tons of Lexi Shields to attendees. They sent out Shields all over the US, Canada, the UK, and even as far as Bogota, Colombia.

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Until next time,
Coach Damon

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