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Epoch Integra Goalie Gloves Review

This week I’m going to continue the product review series. This post is a review of the Epoch Integra Goalie gloves.

If you’re looking for Epoch’s newest model of goalie glove, check that out here: Epoch Integra Elite goalie glove review.

While you may have heard of powerhouse lacrosse gear manufacturers like STX, Warrior, Maverik, and Brine. Epoch might be a brand that’s under your radar.

But Epoch has been on the rise of late with a reputation for producing quality products. So do the Epoch Integra goalie gloves meet the high standard? Let’s find out.


Epoch Integra: Fit

Epoch has some really unique designs going into the fit of the glove.

For example, the glove is flared out on the wrist area, really allowing for wrist mobility, which is the first I’ve seen in a goalie glove.

Also, it feels great inside with cooling technology keeping your hands warm, but they do fit a bit snug.

For me, a 13″ has a bit of room, so the Epoch glove fit perfectly on my hand. However, compared to most other gloves, they do tend to run a bit smaller.

And right now, the Epoch Integra Goalie glove only comes in the 13-inch size.

What I especially liked was the flexibility of not only the wrist area but also in the fingers, allowing me to keep a loose grip on the shaft. The way they’ve designed the fingers you cannot feel the seem – very nice.

Also, the thumb mobility has to be easily one of the most flexible in a goalie glove on the market. But thumb mobility also means poor protection as we’ll discuss in the next section.

Epoch Integra: Protection

When it comes to protection we’re really talking about thumb protection and padding to the hand.

While the Epoch Integra does a nice job providing padding to the hand, it really falls short with thumb protection.

The gloves have something Epoch calls the “Tri-Layer Dual Density Foam Stack” which is 3 layers of protection to help shield our precious hands from shots and checks.

In the padding is carbon-fiber material, concentrated around the thumb area for added protection, which is really unique for any glove on the market.

But thumb protection in these gloves is kind of an afterthought.

Like they strapped an extra piece of material on the field gloves and called them lacrosse goalie gloves.

If you’re coming off a thumb injury or thumb protection is a priority in choosing a glove (and it should be), I’d recommend something like the STX Shields 500s which has a more stabilized and protected thumb.

In my time playing with the Epoch Integras I never took a shot directly off the thumb and I’m really glad because based on some other comment from Lax Goalie Rat readers, these gloves are a broken thumb waiting to happen.

Epoch Integra: Design

The slick Epoch Integra design really brings in the image of a high-quality glove.

For starters, the pair comes in two colors, black and white. Both have a clean look to them, with no overbearing designs, making a simple, clean look.

Also, the carbon fiber looks fantastic around the thumb area that I mentioned earlier, giving it that subtle difference to distinguish it from other gloves.

It also appears Epoch is taking a page out of Apple’s playbook because the presentation you get from these gloves is great as well. The gloves themselves are packed up in a nice Epoch box that has a magnetic closure. Oh, you fancy!

In terms of the design aspect for functionality, the Epoch Integra goalie gloves shine here.

Again, the wrist opening has to be a personal favorite of mine, as it really does help free up some lost mobility you may find in other gloves.

The thumb protection/mobility is honestly my personal favorite out of any glove. It gives you solid protection while really feeling like you’re wearing regular lacrosse gloves.

The only real fault I may see in the design aspect is the sizing, which I mentioned earlier, with the glove having a bit of a snug fit compared to other standard sizes I’ve found in goalie gloves.

The palms of the glove are unique as well. You won’t find any holes or mesh material around the palms. Rather it’s a completely solid surface, which allows for ultimate grip on the shaft.

By the way, in this picture you can really see the thumb injury waiting to happen as the thumb can bend in whatever direction.

At first glance, you might think your hands will get overheated quickly. But the Epoch Integra’s have this phase change technology, which will allow your hands to stay in the perfect conditions, no matter the temperature outside.

For example, I’ve used these gloves in both 70-degree weather and 39-degree weather. In both instances, my hand stayed cool for the hotter temps, and warm during the cold weather. This is huge, especially if you play in the colder environments in the Northeast and are looking for more warmth in your gloves.

Other than them fitting a bit tight though, the overall design of the Epoch goalie gloves is impeccable.

Epoch Integra: Quality

While I’ve only used these gloves for about a month now, I can confidently say these gloves are built to last.

I had some concerns about possible thread coming out quick at first glance but was happy to see that never happened.

Also, with the thumb protection being so flexible, I was worried about it giving out quicker than usual. But the protection has held up as good as new.

Really not too much else to say here, except these gloves will seem to hold up for quite some time! I’ll edit this post in a few months if my rating of great in the quality department changes for some reason.

Epoch Integra: Price

Let’s get down to business – price.

The Epoch Integra Goalie Gloves are going to set you back $159.99.

You can get them here on LacrosseMonkey.com.

To me, the price is pretty fair given the quality, protection, and flexibility combo you get with these gloves. $160 is just about what all top manufacturers are charging for their premier goalie gloves these days.

But again, other goalie gloves with better thumb protection can be yours for the same price of $159.

Epoch Integra Product Videos

Shortstop.com put together a product video for these goalies gloves that you can view here:


While Epoch might not be a major player in lacrosse gear, they are trying to enter the lacrosse goalie glove scene with the Epoch Integra goalie gloves.

While their Epoch Integra gets a lot of stuff right, it really fails in one super critical area for us lacrosse goalies – thumb protection.

These goalie gloves get high points for wrist mobility, hand protection, temperature, design, and style but really come up short in terms of thumb protection.

That element is so crucial that unfortunately, I’d recommend going with something else besides the Epoch Integras (try my personal fave – STX Shield 500).

Get the Epoch Integra Goalie Gloves on LacrosseMonkey.com.

Until next time! Coach Damon

Anything I missed in this Epoch Integra goalie glove review? Leave me a comment down below. 

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8 thoughts on “Epoch Integra Goalie Gloves Review

  1. Inadequate thumb protection– no plates to address thumb being driven backwards. Broken thumbs await!

  2. Hi, played a whole season with these gloves now, so here’s my take as an unbiased, and unsponsored, opinion. I bought the most expensive thing on the market at the time (this pair) thinking I would be fully protected. First of the all these gloves offer the great protection on taking shots to the hand, are extremely durable and comfortable and look great…However, soon after I got hit on the thumb by a medium speed shot in training, the nail bruised and had to be detached. I hate to incite hysteria because us goalies are as tough as nails but let it be known that if you get him on the thumb with these gloves it’s at least a thumb bruise. These gloves are basically normal integra’s with a bit of plastic attached to the tip, which cover your thumb completely leaving the underneath slightly exposed (if gripping the stick normally). They are flexible so you can lift you thumb and put it behind the head of the stick if thats how you hold your stick but if you don’t theres no way these thumbs would stop you from thumb not bending back 180 degrees if caught right by a faster shot.

    I only started reading your blog after buying these, Coach. Was expecting scathing reviews of the thumb protection seeing as how it was you who even put the thought of getting hit on the thumb in my conscious in the first place. Disappointed. Hope you haven’t lost your integra-ty for some nice sponsored review.

    As a side note, I’ve just bought Maverik Max’s. From what I’ve been reading, the best thumb protection on the market. Also want to point out the new $230 UA Biofit Goalie gloves look to have a similar thumb protection to the Integra’s (not good). Now I realise, new and most expensive doesn’t necessarily mean the best.

    1. Thanks for the comment Sebastian. I used these Integras for about half a season now and no thumb injuries and I’ve taken shots off the thumb. I will agree that other gloves offer beefier thumb protection. You do bring up a good point about the flexibility, but I’ve only found positive things about it, in terms of being able to grip the throat of heads such as the eclipse 2 easier. In theory, a better grip and a good fitting glove will reduce thumb injuries as the thumb isn’t as exposed. Thanks again for the comment.

  3. I used these Integra gloves for about 3 games of my senior year of high school. I was on a road trip with my team in Pennsylvania in March, so it was a bit cold. In the first game of the day I took a 15 yard shot right to the thumb which broke my thumb in a few places. These gloves offer horrible thumb protection and are not much better than regular field gloves in my experience

    1. Sorry to hear that Zach. I never had an injury but have heard enough stories that I don’t recommend these gloves. Thumb protection is just too weak. Hope your thumb recovers quickly!

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