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2018 NCAA Men’s Top 20 Goalie Stick Setups

With the 2018 NCAA men’s lacrosse season underway it’s time to check in on the stick setups of the top 20 men’s teams.

I’ve done posts like this in the previous year –

But now we’re back with the 2018 version.

This list of Top 20 teams was taken from ranking as of March 5th, 2018. By the time you read this post the current men’s top 20 might look very different as it continues to shape and morph all season long.

But as of right now, here are the top 20 teams, their goalies, and those goalies lacrosse stick setups.

2018 NCAA Men Lacrosse Goalie Stick Setups

1. Albany  – JD Colarusso

2. Maryland – Dan Morris

 3. Duke – Danny Fowler

4. Denver – Alex Ready

5. Villanova – Nick Testa

6. Syracuse – Dom Madonna

7. Loyola – Jacob Stover

8. Virginia – Griffen Thompson

9. North Carolina – Jack Pezzula

10. Yale – Jack Starr

11. Notre Dame – Matt Schmidt

12. Army – AJ Barretto

13. Rutgers – Max Edelmann

14. Ohio State – Matthew Smidt

15. Vermont – Nick Washuta

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16. Georgetown – Nick Marrocco

17. Johns Hopkins – Brock Turnbaugh


18. Marquette – Cole Blazer

Cole Blazer Lacrosse Goalie

19. Penn – Reed Junkin

20. Penn State – Colby Kneese

Bonus: Just Outside Top 20

When I first started this post Princeton was in the top 20 but they fell out with a loss. Nevertheless, we’ll keep them here in our goalie stick setup post.

Princeton – Tyler Blaisdell


There you have it – 21 goalies, 21 stick setups. Let’s recap the numbers.


  • STX Eclipse 2 – 7
  • STX Shield – 4
  • STX Eclipse – 3
  • Warrior Nemesis 2 – 3
  • Under Armour Headline – 2
  • Brine Eraser – 1
  • Brine Eraser 2 – 1


  • 12 Diamond – 17
  • 17 Diamond – 4


  • Attack Length – 13
  • Mid Length – 8

Right away we can see with the introduction of the STX Eclipse 2 goalie head, many NCAA goalies have made the upgrade to the latest and great. However there are a few goalies who hanging onto the STX Eclipse still.

I think the thing that surprises me the most out of all these numbers is the number of goalies using the STX Shield – 4.

I’ve played around with the Shield and I found it way too heavy for my liking. But that’s why each goalie is unique.

Also interesting to see a few goalies using the Brine Eraser and Brine Eraser 2. I had heard that the Brine Eraser was one of the most underrated heads out there but in all honesty I haven’t played with it.

Most NCAA goalies are opting for the 12 diamond mesh with an attack length shaft. I think that setup gives you max quickness which is required to dominate in today’s game.

What’s your goalie stick setup? Leave a comment down below

Until next time! Coach Damon

As always, if you think I missed one, let me know in the comments. 

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39 thoughts on “2018 NCAA Men’s Top 20 Goalie Stick Setups

  1. My son is playing a Tribe 7 Fort 7 12D with a Gorilla 7 shaft. He’s playing 12U so the shaft is light as is the head, but it is a large head. Really like Tribe 7 product. We have owned a number of them.

    1. I never cared for the fort7. For me it was flimsy impossible to string up as an advanced stringer and the gimmicks took away for performance. All rounded out in a scoop I just couldn’t use. That said eclipse II has been the best head I’ve ever used.

  2. can u add in Tate Boyce from PC, the way he carries his defense i think he deserves recognition for being a top 10 goalie

  3. What I find the most fascinating is the different stringing techniques. 2 shooters straight across, 3 shooters straight across, bottom U pocket….

    How about some insight into the different stringing techniques with pros and cons of each.

    1. Us can help with forming a defined channel and increase rebound control. However it adds weight, and has a snappier release. Straights don’t add much in rebound or channel but provide the cleanest most consistent release and are lighter. Throwing a nylon or stacked nylon on top adds some pop on the ball that allows for throwing on a rope to be easier.

  4. Several of the shafts listed in this post as “attack” are actually several inches longer than attack— likely goalie shaft length. (Ex: Thompson of UVA and Schmidt of Notre Dame. Google images of Schmidt show that he uses a longer shaft— even when at Culver). There are really 3 categories of shaft length: attack, goalie and “custom”— when a goalie takes a d-pole and cuts it to his preferred length.

    I would love to see you do a future post of the type of mesh each top 20 goalie prefers— interested to see how many goalies have migrated from ECM waxed meshes or Hard Mesh to the newer style of meshes like Hero Mesh or Grizzly.

    Great post. Keep up the good work!

    1. Could be true – I was just trying to eyeball it based on the photos I’ve found. In this photo of Scmidth for example – it’s pretty clear he has a medium shaft, what I think you’re calling Goalie shaft. For the most part goalie’s today either have attack shafts or medium/goalie shaft. You don’t have goalies with the longer shafts like Drew Adams used to use.

  5. # of diamonds in the mesh doesn’t tell us quite as much as the combination of diamonds and stiffness. Though that’s incredibly difficult to discern just from photos and without seeing or asking first hand.

    Also, I find it inconcievable that all goalies are playing with either 12 diamond or 20 diamond. Considering how AWFUL 20 diamond is for stringing something that’s not a huge bag (which some goalies are into, so fine) and that I’m sure many of these played with 17D at least at some point in their career, are you sure that none are using 17D? Or are you just using 20D as shorthand for either 17 or 20D small-diamond meshes? BIG difference for younger goalies who may want to give a shot at stringing up one or the other.

    1. Some of the 20D’s are probably 17D to be honest. I’m just going off studying photos and it’s tough to differentiate between the 2 in a small photo. Lot’s of people write in with corrections from knowing the goalie 1st hand so I’ll update post as I get those.

  6. My 11 yr old uses the original Eclipse with 12 diamond mesh and U shaped shooting strings to help with his clears.

    Any suggestions for longer distance on his throws?

    1. For longer distance on throws I recommend 1.) Pushups and wall sits to build strength 2.) Ensure they have proper throwing technique using base/hips to generate power. 3.) Longer shaft helps generate more torque

  7. I love the shield much more than the Eclipse or Eclipse 2. The narrow throat lets me get my top hand as close to the pocket giving me lots of control and awareness of my own stick. I use the old Maverick wonderboy that has the unique shape Maverick has. Giving me deeper channels for my fingers, and with my old gloves with some holes in them the grip is insane.

    1. That’s interesting. I setup with my top hand at the plastic, sometimes even below the plastic to get more reach so the Eclipses line has been perfect for me. But thanks for sharing that, I always wondered why goalies prefer the Shield.

  8. Can you use an attack shaft in all age levels, as there is lots of collage players using them so just wanted to know if it’s legal.

  9. Are the sticks being chosen actually goalie preference, or are they determined by what company the school has an equipment/uniform contract with? I know my Alma Mater (Delaware) just signed an agreement with Adidas and all the players are using Adidas sticks. Would this apply to goalies as well?

    1. I think the way it work is they get free equipment from their sponsored equipment provider. But the goalies are free to use any stick they want. Most go with the sponsor because hey they’re broke college kids. I’d be interested to see if the Delaware goalie uses the adidas goalie head because I haven’t seen anyone use that one yet.

      1. Thanks Damon! I found a pic of Matt Deluca (Delaware) wearing Adidas uniform and using some sort of Warrior head. Guess that answers my question…have a great day!

  10. I would definitely like to hear more on the shooting string setup as well as mesh types as others mentioned. Seems like many college players opt for just the two shooting strings across the top and not many opt for the u-string.

    My 9 year old has been playing for the last 3-4 years and he’s had two different sticks. An Eclipse with Hero semi-soft mesh with the u-string and an Eraser with Hero semi-hard and also the u-string. He loves the rebound control of the semi-soft mesh but doesn’t like how it throws. He loves how the semi-hard throws but doesn’t like the rebound control.

    I’m wondering if adjusting the shooting strings on the semi-soft stick will result in a feel for his throwing so he can have the best of both.

  11. With so many different kinds of Mesh on the market. What are they stringing with? Soft, Semi-soft, semi-hard? And is there a preferred brand?

  12. I’m looking for a good shaft for next season. Any idea on what shafts are being used by NCAA goalies?

  13. I use the Eclipse 2 with StringKing Grizzly 1X on a 30in STX outlet shaft. I have two straights and a V. I used the ECD 12D wax mesh for a long time then switched to the Grizzly mesh and don’t think I will ever switch back in all honesty.

  14. Nice. I have a stx eclipse 2 head with 12d on a stringking a7150 goalie length. this is my first year playing and i made varsity starter. i’d definetely say that that goalie length is better than attack length because it makes my stick feel more balanced. I’d love to hear you thoughts Coach Damon.

    1. I’d say each goalie has their own preference. If you like goalie length, that’s cool. Lots of goalies prefer that length. For me, I prefer attack length as I feel like the lightness allows my hands to be very quick.

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