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2018 MLL Goalie Stick Setups

The 2018 MLL season is underway and that means its time to check-in on the goalies and their current stick setups.

My last MLL stick setup post is a little old and not only have the starting goalies changed but their stick setups have as well. The STX Eclipse 2 came out and many goalies made the switch.

Here are the stick setups of the top 17 goalies as they appear on the current goalie stats.

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2018 MLL Goalie Stick Setups

Atlanta Blaze – Adam Ghitelman

Interestingly enough I found some pics of Adam in the Blaze’s most recent game and he switched setups. Curious to find out why he made the switch.

Atlanta Blaze – Chris Madalon

Boston Cannons – Tyler Fiorito

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Boston Cannons – Benny Pugh

Boston Cannons – Jack Murphy

Charlotte Hounds – Pierce Bassett

Charlotte Hounds – Charlie Cipriano

Chesapeake Bayhawks – Brian Phipps

A post shared by Brian Phipps (@bphipper30) on

Phipps also uses Lizard Skin Grip tape which I just reviewed. (Lizard Skin on Amazon).

Chesapeake Bayhawks – Niko Amato

Dallas Rattlers – John Galloway

Dallas Rattlers – Blaze Riorden

Denver Outlaws – Jack Kelly

Florida Launch – Austin Kaut

Ohio Machine – Kyle Bernlohr

A post shared by Kyle Bernlohr (@kbernlohr35) on

Ohio Machine – Scott Rodgers

New York Lizards – Drew Adams

New York Lizards – Brian Carcaterra


So there you go. The top 17 goalies for the 2018 MLL season and their stick setups.

Here are the numbers (I’m counting both Ghitelman’s setups so there are 18 total):


  • STX Eclipse 2 – 9
  • Warrior Nemi 2 – 5
  • Brine Eraser 2 – 4


  • 12 Diamond – 17
  • 17 Diamond – 1


  • Attack Length – 4
  • Mid-Length / Goalie Length – 14

No surprise to see the STX Eclipse 2 and Warrior Nemi 2 as the most popular heads. Those are the best in the game right now. I’m always surprised to see the Brine Eraser 2 as popular as it is. I really need to give that stick a try.

Pretty much all pro goalies use a 12 diamond mesh. Scotty Rodgers is the lone solider holding down the 17 Diamond setup.

Most goalies use a shaft length that’s a little longer than attack. I call it mid-length in this post but it’s similar to the STX Outlet which comes in a 34″ length. Most standard attack and middie shafts are 30″ for comparison. I still see a couple of goalies going with an attack length which is what I played with in college.

Until next time! Coach Damon

If you see any errors in these goalies stick setups let me know down below in the comments. Thanks!

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24 thoughts on “2018 MLL Goalie Stick Setups

  1. Awesome status update and mini breakdowns. Very useful in researching further. Myself I use the original Brine Eraser with Jimalax 10 diamond. My shaft length is a 35″ I’ve used att/mid shaft lengths in the past so I may try shaving off that inch. I’m looking to get the Brine Eraser 2. And keeping the 10 diamond so I’ll share if I get that before you use it and indepth review it yourself.

    1. Yes! Please do share your thoughts if you end up getting the Brine Eraser 2. I just got a Warrior Nemi Lyte so I probably won’t buy another stick for awhile.

  2. Love this segment. I show my son each article you post as if always has great stuff. He just switched over to the eclipse and loves it. Have to get it restrung though as the pocket depth isn’t quite right but loves the feel of it.

    He is a smal kid so it he uses a ‘34 goalie shaft to make sure he reaches the corners. Plus the bigger shaft, I feel, makes play tall. If he crouches down, it will hit the ground and jams him up. Probably not the best plan of action but working so far.

  3. I see a wide variety of straight vs channel shooting strings. Any thoughts on benefit or drawback of either set up?

    1. Personal preference on the feel for the outlet passes. I’ve heard some folks say the U’s or V’s help reduce rebounds but I’ve always just used shooters straight across, sometimes w/ a nylon at the top.

      1. V’s don’t help reduce rebound, that’s not what they are intended to do. I’m also confused why that myth is spreading around. They may reduce rebounds in 15% of shots, but thats not why we use them. Straight shooters are better for most players since they need the least amount of skill to do right. Or rather, they are hard to screw up. Given most are stringing themselves or having their local shop do it, so for the average player not buying a pocket from a professional I recommend they keep it simple go with straights. Furthermore V’s don’t tend to go well with 20D unless you keep them very wide. V’s or U’s fit 12D the best, and done right are harder do tie than most think, but done right means significantly smoother release.

  4. Coach Damon,

    Just wanted to get your thoughts on String Kings Grizzly Mesh. My son has been using it and it performs pretty well. Thanks again for these informative posts!

    1. String King Grizzly, ECD Hero Mesh, STX Memory Mesh I don’t think you can go wrong with any of those. Lots of companies are putting out good product when it comes to mesh these days.

  5. Are any of these goalies playing with carbon fiber shafts? My U11 son has been using a your recommended Warrior Kryptolyte but recently got a Wolf Athletics Element on his short stick and is considering swapping it over to his Eclipse 2 head because the thing is ridiculously light and he thinks it will result in more saves.

  6. I am looking into purchasing a new stick for my daughter, entire set-up. What would you recommend? She stands 5’11” tall. Would you recommend a shorter stick?

  7. Just out of curiosity, how much has Ghitleman’s performance been affected after he switched to the nemi? Thank you in advance!

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