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2023 Women’s NCAA D1 Goalie Gear Setup

A few days ago I posted the men’s D1 college goalie gear setups. Now let’s take a look at the female goalies.

The women’s 2023 NCAA Division 1 lacrosse season is quickly coming to close so let’s take a look at the goalie gear setups used by the top keeps this season.

If you’re new here, this is where I take a look at the Top 20 ranked teams and we see what gear their goalie is using.

This blog post is somewhat of a tradition now and here are some past posts in this series:

The list of Top 20 teams was taken from Inside Lacrosse ranking as of May 3, 2023. By the time you read this post the current men’s top 20 might look very different as it continues to shape and morph all season long.

Let’s get into it! If you see any errors in this post, leave me a comment down below.

2023 NCAA D1 Women’s Lacrosse Goalie Gear Setups

1. Molly Laliberty – Northwestern

After winning 2 goalie of the year awards at Tufts (D3), Molly is showing everyone she can compete at the highest level as the anchor of Northwestern’s defense this year.

She has made the some sensational saves this season and has the Lake Show rolling into the playoffs.

Laliberty goes with the now discontinued Warrior Nemi 2 as her weapon of choice.

Podcast with Molly Laliberty

2. Shea Dolce – Boston College

Shea Dolce Goalie

The Boston College Eagles handed over the reigns to freshman Shea Dolce around mid season and its clear to see why.

While Rachel Hall was a great goalie (a national champ even!), the powerhouse Eagles knew that something special with Dolce. She’s so explosive inside that 6×6 and has some great size to keep that rubber ball out of the goal.

Shea is laced up with one of the Sidewall Jedi’s black hole devices with the ghost pocket!

Podcast with Shea Dolce

3. Alecia Nicholas – North Carolina

Alecia Nicholas Goalie

If there is one thing synonymous with Carolina women’s lacrosse, its great goalie play.

Sophomore Alecia Nicholas continues the trend where Taylor Moreno left off. A great protector of those white goals and Carolina blue nets.

Nicholas was Inside Lacrosse 2nd team All-American at the mid-season and hopes to return the Tar Heels back to championship weekend.

She’s decked out hard in Epoch gear using their gloves along with an Epoch Dragonfly attack shaft.

2. Delaney Sweitzer – Syracuse

After splitting time with Kimber Hower last season, Delaney Sweitzer earned the full starting role this season and the Orange have found their answer in net.

Sweitzer was the Inside Lacrosse mid-season 1st team All-American pick and for good reason as she looks like the nation’s top goalie this season.

What’s so interesting about her style is just how easy she makes the saves look.

5. Emelia Bohi – Denver

Having AU pro goalie Britt Read on the coaching staff must be great for the Denver goalie Emelia Bohi.

The sophomore ranks 9th in save percentage at .512 and 1st in goals against average at just 6.07 goals / game.

Giving up 6 goals a game is the reason the he Lady Pios are undefeated so far this season.

Podcast with Emelia Bohi

6. Kat Buchanan – James Madison


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A post shared by JMU Lacrosse (@jmulacrosse)

After AU pro and 4 year starter Molly Dougherty graduated, James Madison had a huge shoes to fill in the goalie position.

In steps Kat Buchanan and with the exception of that 1st game loss to UNC, has led the James Madison Dukes team to an undefeated season.

Can Buchanan keep the train rolling as JMU heads into the AAC Conference championships?

7. Lilly Callahan – Notre Dame

Lilly Callahan Notre Dame Goalie

The Notre Dame junior goalie currently sits at 17th in the NCAA with a .482 save percentage and 5th at goals against average with 8.34.

8. Sarah Reznick – Florida

This is the last year for Florida senior Sarah Reznick and she’s trying to go out with a bang.

The feisty and quick New Yorker is a having a strong season for the Gators earning an IL mid-season 3rd team All-American selection.

She’s 4th in the NCAA in save percentage at .527 and 17th in GAA at 9.51 goals per game.

Sarah is a Lax Goalie Rat sponsored athlete which means we signed an NIL Deal to create some awesome lacrosse goalie training for the youth. Proceeds go directly to support Sarah and your young goalie gets a great mentor! Win-Win!

9. Lauren Spence – Loyola

Lauren Spence Loyola Goalie

  • Head: Under Armour Command
  • Mesh: 12 Diamond
  • Shaft: Goalie Length
  • Shooters: 3 straight across
  • Gloves: Gait Gloves

The Loyola sophomore was on Team Canada silver medal team for the 2022 World Championships and now she’s looking for an NCAA national title.

She currently sits at 3rd in the NCAA with a .529 save percentage and was an IL mid-season honorable mention All-American pick.

10. Emily Sterling – Maryland


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A post shared by Emily Sterling (@em.sterling)

Reining goalie of the year Emily Sterling hasn’t put up the mind blowing numbers like she did last year. But she’s as good as they come in the goalkeeper position!

At 13-5 her team as faced some adversity this season but could be poised to win a Big 10 and a national championship.

Emily continues to use the custom dyed UA Command that she used all last season. During a Q&A from her college goalie training pack, one young goalie asked Emily if that stick had another season of life left in it. The answer was yes.

Sterling also talked about the importance of the red tape on her stick. A visual focal point she can come back to when her mind starts to wonder.

Emily is a Lax Goalie Rat sponsored athlete meaning we partnered together on an NIL deal to release some insanely cool lacrosse goalie trianing content for the youth. Check out it out here!

11. Hailey Duchowski – Stony Brook

Hailey Duchowksi

After playing at LIU for 4 years, goalie Hailey Duchowski is doing a 5th at Stony Brook and earned herself the starting role.

I’m a little confused with her stick setup. Maybe these are old pics but I’m pretty sure that the Warrior Nemi 3 is illegal in women’s lacrosse.

She did switch over to Warrior gloves from the Brines so maybe the stick changed too?

12. Abby Jansen – Virginia

Abby Jansen Goalie

The goalie position for the Virginia team has been somewhat of a carousel this season.

Current starter is Newton Square, Pa native Abby Jansen.

Abby has your standard Eclipse 2, 12 diamond, 2 shooter setup.

12. Ash Vernon – Virginia

The women’s Cavaliers team have split a lot of time at the goalie position with senior Ashley Vernon logging significant minutes.

Ash is a Lax Goalie Rat sponsored athlete which means she put together an awesome college goalie training full of coaching and mentoring for the young goalies out there. Because of our NIL deal proceeds go directly to support Ashley.

13. Gina Carrol – UMass

Gina Carrol UMass goalie

UMass only blemish on its record this season is against BC but they will certaintly face some tougher compeition in the national championship tournament.

Can goalie Gina Carrol hold down the fort?

She goes with the UA Command as her weapon of choice.

14. Kelly Van Hoesen – Penn

Van Hoseen Goalie

The Greenwhich, CT native helped her team go undefeated in conference play in the Ivy League this season.

Kelly Van Hoesen currently sits at 10.07 goals against average, 23rd in the NCAA.

She goes all STX gear with the Eclipse 2, the Outlet, the Cell V gloves, and what I can only assume is the STX Shield 600 chest pad under that jersey.

15. Lindsey Serafine – Army

Lindsey Serafine Army Goalie

Lacey Bartholomay started out the season in goal for the Lady Black Knights but recently its been Lindsey Serafine manning the nets.

16. Maya Santa-Maria – Michigan

Michigan goalie Maya Santa-Maria was an IL mid-season All American honorable mention selection.

This season she put a 9.4 GAA for 15th best and a save percentage right at .500 for 10th best in the league.

17. Kait Devir – USC

Kait Devir was named Pac-12 Co Goalie of the Year for her efforts this season manning the pipes for lady Trojans.

KD helped her team to a 14-3 record this season as they enter the Pac-12 conference tournament.

Kait is a Lax Goalie Rat sponsored athlete meaning we put together some amazing virtual coaching and mentoring for the youth goalies. Imagine your young goalie getting coaching directly from Kait herself. Well, no need to imagine it, it’s here.

Here is a save edit from earlier in the season featuring Kait Devir:

18. Maggie Tydings – Johns Hopkins

Johns Hopkins goalie Maggie Tydings currently sits at 11.4 goals against average, good enough for 48th in the league.

19. Brynna Nixon- Marquette

Brynna Nixon Goalie

Marquette goalie Brynna Nixon is fully decked out in Warrior gear using the Nemi QS head and the Nemi QS goalie gloves.

20. Emily Lamparter – Clemson

Emily Lamparter transferred to 1st year program Clemson (from Maryland) to be closer to her South Carolina home.

She’s having a great season getting an IL mid-season Honorable mention All-American nod.


There we go. The goalie gear setups for the top 20 ranked teams in 2023 division 1 female college lacrosse.

Let’s recap the results. We actually had 21 goalies since I listed 2 for Virginia.


  • STX Eclipse 2 – 14
  • Warrior Nemi QS – 2
  • Warrior Nemi 2 – 1
  • Warrior Nemi 3 (?) – 1
  • UA Command – 3

Like the men’s side, the STX Eclipse 2 market share dominance is alive and well in the women’s game.

Surprise to see no goalies using the ECD Impact yet.

Mesh –

  • 12 Diamond: 21

Clean sweep for the 12 diamond. It really offers the best of hold and rebound control.

Shaft Length:

  • Attack Length: 12
  • Goalie Length: 8

A few more goalies in the women’s game use the slightly longer goalie length.

But as you can see most stick with an attack length shaft that offers super light weight and movability.

That will do it for this season women’s D1 2023 goalie gear post.

As always, if I screwed up anyone’s gear, leave me a comment down below and I’ll fix.

Until next time, Coach Damon

PS – What is your goalie gear setup? Leave me a comment down below! 

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