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PLL Goalie Gear Setups 2023

In this post we’ll have a look at the goalie gear the best in the sport are arming themselves with in the PLL 2023 season.

There are 8 teams each with 2 goalies (and one with 3 due to injuries) for a total 17 goalies. We’ll have a look at each goalie stick, gloves, and mesh setup.

Will be interesting to see if any returning goalie changed up their setup from the 2022 season.

And of course if you want to watch these goalies in action, checkout the save edits on my YouTube channel.

Here are the 2023 stick and gear setups for goalies in the Premier Lacrosse League:

  1. Brett Dobson – Archers
  2. Nick Washuta – Archers
  3. Sean Sconone – Chrome
  4. Owen McElroy – Chrome
  5. Jack Kelly – Redwoods
  6. Tim Troutner – Redwoods
  7. Jack Concannon – Atlas
  8. Drake Porter – Atlas
  9. Dillon Ward – Waterdogs
  10. Matt Deluca – Waterdogs
  11. Kyle Bernlohr – Whipsnakes
  12. Branden Krebs – Whipsnakes
  13. Brian Phipps – Whipsnakes
  14. Blaze Riorden – Chaos
  15. Austin Kaut – Chaos
  16. Colin Kirst – Cannons
  17. Adam Ghitelman – Cannons

As always, if you notice any errors in this post, please leave me a comment down below.

Brett Dobson – Archers

Brett Dobson is a Warrior athlete so he’s decked out with the latest gear they have to offer including their Nemi QS head and gloves.

In his first full season as a starter, Dobson is having a breakout season and showing everyone why the Archers were correct to select him as the 1st goalie drafted in the 2022 draft. He sits 3rd at 58% save percentage and mad this year’s All-Star team.

Mr. Wanderful laces up the latest wands for Dobson:

Get training with Brett Dobson.


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A post shared by Brett Dobson (@bdobson_45)


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A post shared by Brett Dobson (@bdobson_45)

Nick Washuta – Archers

Vermont grad Nick Washuta got a ton of reps and played strong with the Archers during the PLL sixes tournament and now serves as their backup this season.

Washuta goes with the less common 20 diamond mesh which give you a little more feel and control of the ball when its in your pocket.

A few weeks ago Dobson broke both his gamer and his backup and had to use Washuta’s setup while they fixed his wands.


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A post shared by Nick Washuta (@nickwashuta)

Sean Sconone – Chrome

Last season Chrome goalie Sean Sconone was using the Nemi 2 so looks like he’s upgraded to the Nemi 3. I guess we’ll have to wait until the 2024 PLL season for him to debut the Warrior Nemesis QS goalie head.

Sconone is saving the ball at 52.2% so far this season (4th in the PLL).

Save edit – Week 2: Dobson vs. Sconone:


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A post shared by Sean Sconone (@seansconone31)

Owen McElroy – Chrome

We haven’t heard or seen much from the former Lax Goalie Rat sponsored athlete this year as Sconone has been manning the pipes consistently for the Chrome.

It was even tough tracking down a picture of him. During the sixes tournament he used the Eclipse 2 with a ghost pocket. Confirmed via DM he is still using the Eclipse 2 head.

I sponsored Owen during his days at Georgetown where he broke ribs on a hard shot wearing the Maverik Max EKG. He’s since switched to the Unequal pad.

Train with Owen McElroy

Jack Concannon – Atlas

Surprisingly down year for Concannon who is saving the ball at just 48.2% (11th). He actually lost the starting role for a week before recently earning it back.

The Atlas overall haven’t been playing great as they’re just 2-5 and in 7th place. However with these PLL format all you have to do is make the finals (i.e. not last place) and then you can go on a run from there.

Concannon also announced he signed a deal with Nike lacrosse to be a sponsor of theirs but continues to use the STX gear as Nike isn’t a PLL sponsor. Kinda strange since Nike just rebrands STX made gear.

Drake Porter – Atlas


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A post shared by @drakeporter33

After working closely with ECD to help test and develop the ECD Impact, it’s no surprise what Drake’s weapon of choice is.

Drake played strong for Atlas during the sixes tournament and has seen action in 2 games this 2023 PLL season making 17 saves on 22 goals against.

Jack Kelly – Redwoods

One of the great goaltenders and leaders in our sport, Jack Kelly is one of those old school goalies that still prefers some length to his shaft.

Also appears to be a goalie sticking with the Eclipse 2, at least for now.

Jack laced it up with Team USA during the 2023 World Championships in San Diego and helped the American team win the gold.

He’s started all games for the Redwoods this year and has 92 saves on 82 goals against (52.8%).

I hope he has fully recovered from this nut blaster:

Tim Troutner – Redwoods

Jack Kelly has been the man for the Redwoods this season so we haven’t seen much of Troutner. He only made an appearance in 1 game with no saves, no goals against.

Timmy signed a sponsorship deal with ECD so he uses the ECD Impact has his weapon of choice.

Like Kelly, Troutner also prefers a little length to the shaft. It’s a Redwoods thing I guess.

I don’t have many goalie “icks” but short sleeves peaking out under jersey sleeves is big time ick for me.

Podcast with Tim Troutner

Matt Deluca – Waterdogs


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A post shared by Matt DeLuca (@mattdeluca2)

The tall Deluca seems to have 2 wands he’s using this year. Both seen in the post above, a black Eclipse 2 and a purple dyed ECD Impact.

I guess he rides the hot wand.

Deluca was the goalie for Team Italy during the World Championships over the summer. In 5 games for the Waterdogs he has 55 saves on 56 goals agsinst.

Dillon Ward – Waterdogs


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A post shared by Dillon Ward (@dillward37)

Dillon Ward, along with fellow countryman Brett Dobson, is also a Warrior athlete so he’s decked out in Warrior gear.

Ward missed the beginning of the season due to NLL commitments. And then has been absent for the last few weeks. Based on the pics on his Instagram I’m going to guess its for paternity leave.

He’s played in 3 games this year with Waterdogs and has 37 saves on 27 goals against (57.8%).

Adam Ghitelman – Cannons

Ghitelman moved over to the Cannons (from the Archers) this season but kept his murdered out quad sidewall beast.

He started out as the Cannons starter (a nod back to his MLL Boston Cannons days) but quickly ceded way to the youngster Colin Kirst.

Podcast with Adam Ghitelman

Colin Kirst – Cannons


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A post shared by Colin Kirst (@colinkirst5)

In his 1st year in the  pro league, Colin Kirst is showing why he’s one of the best in the world.

He sits 2nd at save percentage with 58.3% and was one of the 4 All Star goalie selections.

Kirst goes with this textbook “low” shooter setup. I mean, that thing is low!

Podcast with Colin Kirst

Kyle Bernlohr – Whipsnakes

As an STX sponsored athlete, it’s likely the next time we see Kyle Bernlohr on the field he’ll be using the new Eclipse 3 goalie head and new STX RZR2 goalie gloves.

However, Bernlohr is currently sidelined with a dislocated elbow that he suffered a few weeks ago.

Here’s a little preview of what is to come:

Brendan Krebs – Whipsnakes

The Whipsnakes goalie Brendan Krebs is one of the only PLL goalies to switch over the new Eclipse 3.

Maybe others wanted to ride out the E2 or maybe they couldn’t get their hands on one (they sold out quick).

After Bernlohr went down with an elbow dislocation, Krebs earned some starts and played very well including a 12 save (5 goal against) win against the Chrome last Saturday in Baltimore.

He’s actually 2-0 in his 2 starts with the Whipsnakes.

Podcast with Brendan Krebs

Brian Phipps – Whipsnakes


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A post shared by Brian Phipps (@bphipper30)

The veteran Brian Phipps is the most senior goalie currently in the league. Will this be his final season?

Phipps uses the ECD Impact strung up with 2 tasty V’s and the deepest bag of a pocket you’ll ever see.

Phipps also does something you typically only see with youth goalies in that his top hand is a tad below the plastic in his grip. The idea is it gives him a little more reach to the corners to make saves.

Blaze Riorden – Chaos

Blaze is being Blaze again this year. He leads the league in save percentage at an insane 59.5%.

He remains the only goalie in the PLL using the StringKing Mark 2G which sponsors him.

Blaze was the winner of this year’s All Star goalie skills competition. The skill being tested was outlet passes (not saves) but still Blaze canned a ton of full field goals.

Did you see this quote from Blaze? I guess the man has seen enough shots in his career already:

Austin Kaut – Chaos


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A post shared by Austin Kaut (@kautonit)

Penn St. alum Austin Kaut serves as the Chaos backup goalie behind Blaze.

Since we just learned that Blaze doesn’t see shots during the week or barely at all during practice, this post makes a lot more sense:

Also I guess you don’t have to be in shape to play PLL goalie.


So there is the breakdown of the gear setup of the current PLL professional goalies.

Would have thought we’d see way more STX Eclipse 3 in the mix. In fact, I DM’d Nick Washuta to see what the deal was:

So not even the pros could get their hands on the Eclipse 3s.

Here is the summary of the gear setups:

Goalie Head

  • STX Eclipse 3: 1
  • STX Eclipse 2: 8
  • Warrior Nemi QS: 3
  • Warrior Nemi 3: 1
  • ECD Impact: 4
  • StringKing Mark 2G: 1

Total of 18 heads since I listed 2 for Deluca. Clearly the STX Eclipse 2 still leading the way.


  • 12 Diamond: 15
  • 20 Diamond: 2

Only Archers goalie Nick Washuta and Cannons Adam Ghitelman buck the 12 diamond trend and prefers the extra diamonds.


  • Attack Length: 13
  • Goalie Length: 4

The shorter shafts still dominate the PLL. Makes total sense since they’re easier to handle and with the strength of these pro athletes they can still get plenty of distance on their clears.


  • STX Cell V: 5
  • Maverik Max: 6
  • Brine King Elite: 1
  • Warrior Nemesis QS: 4
  • Warrior Nemesis: 1

No company has nailed the thumb protection but my favorite line is the Maverik line and that appears to be in line with what pro goalies feel as well.

No new STX RZR2 has of yet although I imagine we start seeing those soon.

As with any goalie gear post that I do, if you see any mistakes please let me know.

Until next time, Coach Damon

What’s your goalie gear setup? Leave me a comment down below. 

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  1. Hey Coach, if I’m not mistaken, I believe Kirst is currently using the ECD Impact with a Warrior EVO QX2 shaft. He’s been using it since the All-Star game

  2. Probably saw this, but Owen just posted on instagram and he is rocking with 2 straights. Drake and Timmy both use impact mesh and looks like Timmy has a carbon 2 pro. Also know Kirst has an impact somewhere, posted it on his story and used in the ASG but looks like he’s been mostly using the eclipse

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