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Top 30 Eye Hand Coordination Drills for Lacrosse Goalies


Hand-eye coordination is the processing of a visual input and coordinated control of your hands based on that input.

As a lacrosse goalie, it’s extremely important as the visual input is the shooter and the shot and our hand and goalie head is the coordinated control needed to make the save.

The better and quicker you’re able to translate a visual input into the proper hand movement, the better lax goalie you will be.

I recently chatted with Arthur Leibowitz from HandEyeCoaches on IG (podcast episode)

This IG account is a pure gold mine when it comes to eye-hand coordination drills. Here are my favorite 30 gold nuggets harvested from deep within his hand-eye coordination drill caves.

Note: I used to always say hand-eye coordination but as Arthur let me know in our podcast, eye-hand coordination is probably the more accurate term. Since it’s the hand reacting to the stimulus picked up by the eyes.

The good news for goalies is that even if you were not born with great eye-hand coordination, it can be developed.

As a part of balanced lacrosse goalie training routine, you need to ensure you’re mixing in eye-hand coordination drills. A lot of my favorite drills listed also combine explosion or lateral movement in addition to the visual training.

I previously discussed unconventional goalies exercises to improve hand-eye coordination but in this post I’ll show you some more conventional drills to improve this skill.

Even though some of these drills appear to for other sport’s athletes, they’re perfect for us lacrosse goalies too!

Top 30 Hand-Eye Coordination Drills for Lacrosse Goalies


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“Think fast🤹🏼‍♀️ • Reaction time, speed and hand-eye coordination are important aspects to train and re-train after injury. How do you think you would do with this drill?🎾🤷🏽‍♂️ • Collin Morikawa working on attention and motor skill. One of the eight traits of Champion Golfers is “an above average ability to focus and concentrate.” It’s incredibly important to train your attention in various environments to optimize performance. @collin_morikawa certainly shows that in every single training session. #ugp #teamugp @jasonglasslab @benbrunotraining @calberkley @procedos @lgp_inc @theugp @mytpi “ – – Via: @leo_ugp @reactivephysio #handeyecoaches #traindifferent #bettereveryday

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“🤸🏻‍♀️Wrapping up a balance week with some super tough drilling! You wouldn’t believe how hard this is. – – – 👀These are called VORs and I’m doing them in a ball of foot position using a light band for reflexive stabilization. I threw in the drop landing for good measure. As the head moves your eyes must stay on the target. – – – 🧠VOR stands for Vestibulo-Ocular Reflex. We have a vestibular system so that we know which way we are going and which way is up! The VOR reflex allows us to stabilize our gaze on visual targets when our head and body are in motion. The vestibular system is reflexively connected to our extensor musculature. It helps to calibrate appropriate muscle tone needed for postural demands. – – – 🙆🏻‍♂️So it’s pretty freaking important! – – – 👨🏻‍🏫 If your vestibular system is not smart you will likely lose your balance, sprain ankles, blowout your knees, make lots of movement mistakes and become a frustrated athlete. – – – 💁🏻‍♂️Want to know the secret sauce behind real balance and stabilization training? – – – 👉🏻Your head and eyes must move!! – – – 🤓Eventually you need to move past the dead bug and bird dog if you want balance that will serve you outside of the gym!” – – Via: @kruseelite #handeyecoaches #traindifferent #bettereveryday

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Agility Ladder and Hand-Eye 🙌🏼 – – Via: #traindifferent #bettereveryday

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Lateral speed – Hand-Eye drills 🗝🔑 – – – Via: @eliteathletescoachaye #traindifferent #bettereveryday

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Catch the ball with the opposite hand. It’s harder than it looks. (Via: @coachjayfulco ) #traindifferent #bettereveryday

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🎥: @callum98crawford – Getting creative with the drills. Love it! #traindifferent #bettereveryday

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🎥: @coachjayfulco – Chances are, you aren’t a football QB, however I still think there is a lot to learn from this drill. Not only does the athlete have to react to the ball being dropped, but also has to have his brain fire and tell him in which direction to step based on which ball is dropped. Terrific drill from Coach Fulco! An athletes reactions and brain functions are vital parts to their game and are what can separate the greats from the average. For example, look at Tom Brady, he’s not the most athletic guy but his brain functioning and Vision are at such an elite level, he sees a play unfold and can make decisions more efficiently than the rest of the pack. He knows where the defenders are and he knows where the best place to put the ball is. His brain functions and reactions are superior but certainly not unattainable, keep working and one day you just might be at an elite level similar to my man TB🏈✋🏼☝🏼🏆 “Working on some reaction and foot placement with my starting qb @rhofmann his focus on the little things is what’s gonna separate him this season 😤😤🤙🏽” #traindifferent #bettereveryday

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🎥: @samoanstrengthcoach – “Successful performance by an athlete depends heavily on his/her ability to react quickly. In sports performance, this usually requires the athlete to quickly decelerate and just as quickly accelerate. Weather it involves reacting to a starters pistol at the beginning of a running race, out-jumping an opponent for a rebound on the basketball court, or being able to hike an opponent on the football field, the athlete with greater quickness and better reaction time usually maintains a competitive advantage. Checkout elite hockey goalie athlete, @tanner_thomson33 back at it again. 💯👊🏽Loves it when we do hand eye coordination and reaction drills. 🏒💥🥅👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽 – – Goalie drill: purpose – improve visual stimulus response, upper body reaction time (hand speed), foot work, ability to react (save goals), and coordination. – With most reactions drills that I do with my hockey or soccer goalies. I’ll always have them catch the ball rather than hitting it away. Just remember, catching the puck or ball resets the play. Hitting it away, allows the opposition another opportunity at goal. 💯💯💯” #traindifferent #bettereveryday

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A @handeyecoaches Original: This one was built for baseball players but can be used by all athletes. The idea of this drill is build leg strength and coordination in fielding balls. Note how I used random balls for random bounces. You can add or take out anything you like from the drill. That’s the beauty of adding your own twist to it. You already know whose featured in this drill but I’ll say it anyway @vcubaseball Commit @brettyoung9 🙌🏼 #stud #traindifferent #bettereveryday . . . . . . . #sportsvisiontraining #baseball #baseballcoach #baseballtraining #baseballtrainer #baseballlife #baseballplayer #baseballplayers #vcubaseball #collegebaseball #highschoolbaseball #d1baseball #d3baseball #baseballfield #quickhands #quickfeet #legstrength #strentghtraining #visiontraining #vision #handeye #handeyecoordination #handeyecoachescertifiedathlete #handeyecoach #eyehand #eyehandcoordination #basketballtrainer

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A goalie’s hand-eye coordination skills are extremely important when it comes to making saves.

In addition to training the technical, physical, and mental elements of being a goalie, you should also incorporate hand-eye training into your lax goalie training routine.

If you’re looking for hand-eye coordination drills, look no further than HandEyeCoordination on Instagram.

Many of these drills appear like they’re designed for other sports but with a slight modification, you can envision how the drill could be customized for the lacrosse goalies.

Other drills work our eye-hand coordination perfectly and don’t need to be modified.

Until next time! Coach Damon

What are you favorite hand-eye coordination drills? Leave me a comment down below.

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