Parker Fairey - From the MCLA to the MLL - LGR Podcast 13 | Lax Goalie Rat

Parker Fairey – From the MCLA to the MLL – LGR Podcast 13



Perhaps you don’t know the name Parker Fairey but maybe you’ve seen him make the greatest save ever –

We discuss that magical save along with Parker’s journey from all the way from the MCLA Division 2 at Montana State to the MLL – currently with the Ohio Machine.

We also discuss playing ball in the MCLA. Something which I’m quite familiar with.

Parker is a great dude and shares a ton of great tips that young and experienced goalies alike can incorporate into their own game. I really enjoyed this conversation with Parker and I think you will too!

His journey just goes to show that once a goalie gains their confidence and commits themselves to a goal – magical things can happen.

Parker Fairey


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2 thoughts on “Parker Fairey – From the MCLA to the MLL – LGR Podcast 13

  1. This was such a good story to listen to, it really inspired me, I just got into this podcast and I listen to it all the time

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